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Covid 19 Update 01 March 2020

Dear Partners,

What seemed like a temporary and transient nuisance in early 2020 has impacted the global business scene in a way that we have never witnessed in the recent past. As the “new normal” starts to reveal its nature while the summer unfolds itself, we believe this new era presents many risks as well as opportunities for all of us.

Let’s be honest: It has been a long row to hoe for us. But the outcome was a solid confidence and belief in our capacity to overcome hardships in even the worst circumstances. While the world suffers in uncertainty, holding its breath with the hope of going back to normal, we managed to keep our production going, with all possible precautions taken to protect the health and well-being of our employees. We are now more confident in our values, our business models, and everything that makes us different.

And some good news! We are excited to share with you the fruit of this belief and commitment: We will start trial production at our new foundry in Ankara in late June. I am very happy and proud to see that our team managed to continue our investments as well as our production without any interruptions in these past months. And now it’s time to see some results!

Thank you for your confidence in Ekstrametal.

Kind regards.