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Founded in 1987, Ekstrametal’s foundry was established in the OSTIM inductrial zone area of Ankara with a covered plant area of 400 m² and a 500 tons/year capacity.


Ekstrametal commenced building it’s new production plant facility in zone 1 of the newly established Industrial zone of Ankara, with a target capacity of of 6,000 tons /year over total area of 7000 m².


Ekstrametal moved into it’s new production plant.


Artem Mak Ltd was founded as a subsidiary.


Located in the same industrial zone, Turkish foundry operators Or Metal Döküm San (founded in 1991) invest in a 50% ownership of Ekstrametal, increasing capacity by a further 5.500 m² of total production plant, with an additional capacity of 3.600 tons/year.


Or Metal Dök. San. Ltd aquires the balance of Ekstrametal’s shares, and the company name of Ekstrametal was retained.


Ekstrametal receives the award as one of the best “small-medium sized” exporter companies in Ankara, with its 2008 export performance by Ankara Chamber of Industry. The award was presented by the Turkish Prime Minister.


Ekstrametal merges with it’s subsidiary company Artem Mak. Ltd.


The partnership started with Or Metal Döküm San., eventually ended up with merging under the name of EKSTRAMETAL by the end of 2009.


Ekstrametal acquires an additional  building adjacent to the foundry for mechanical machining with a total area of 4,500 m² specifically for mechanical machining.


Ekstrametal invests in an HWS automatic moulding machine.


Ekstrametal invests in an induction furnace with a 3 ton capacity. 


Ekstrametal invests mechanical machining centres capable to take castings over 1m.


Ektrametal invests in a 3D sand printer for prototype manufacturing.


Ekstrametal invests in an additional building of 20,000 m² in Zone 1 of the industrial area  to increase the in house machining capacity by transforming the machining plant area into a dedicated machining factory. 


Ekstrametal invests in a third building in Zone 1 of the industrial area with additional 25,000 m² to increase the capacity of foundry.