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Using 5 induction furnaces Ekstrametal can melt 16,000 tons of metal per year.


1) Grey cast iron

EN-GJL - 250
EN-GJL - 300
EN-GJL - 350

2) Ductile (spheroidal graphite) iron


3) Solid-solution strengthened ductile iron


4) Compacted graphite iron (CGI) / vermicular graphite iron


Ductile iron (EN-GJS)

High ductility and great tensile strength

Ductile iron shows high ductility together with high strength, which is partly even higher than ductile and steel cast iron with identical ductility values. Its abrasion resistance can be further improved by alloying.

The root of these diverse properties lies in the structure of the iron-carbon alloy: Graphite exhibits a ball-shape in the iron matrix. Thus, ductile iron is also referred to as spheroidal graphite cast iron.

Applications: braking, pneumatic machine pistons, melting pots, compressor pistons, pump housings, tractor parts, agriculture machine parts, valves, airplane engine parts, moulds, machine parts, crank mills.

Grey cast iron (EN-GJL)

High resistance to abrasion with good dampening characteristics

Grey cast iron is the most cast iron type. It combines a high abrasion resistance with a good castability. Also the material is easy to process and exhibits very good damping capacity under mechanic vibrations.

The reasons for these physical characteristics lie in the structure of the cast iron. Carbon in grey cast iron precipitates in the form of flakes, which form three-dimensional leaf-like structures. Yet, this flake graphite is also responsible for the very low ductility of the material.

Applications: tubes, bars, machine parts, tires, pumps, workbenches, flywheels, gear boxes, motor blocks, machine parts, pumps, compressor parts, petrol tubes, gears, manifolds, valves, pressure parts, rams.


Solid solution strengthened ductile irons (SSF-DI) are used for applications where high yield strength and ducility are needed.

Compared to the conventional ferritic/pearlitic grades, SSF-DI grades exhibit significantly lower variations in hardness due to their single-phase ferritic matrix. At the same level of hardness, this reduction in hardness variation, combined with negligible pearlite content, results in improved machinability.

Table mechanical values






EN GJL 200

2,5 <I <30
50 <I<100
100 <I<200

min 200
min 180
min 160



EN GJL 250

5 <I <30
50 <I<100
100 <I<200

min 250
min 220
min 200



EN GJL 300

10 <I <30
50 <I<100
100 <I<200

min 300
min 260
min 240



EN GJS 400-15

I <30

min 400
min 390
min 370

min 250
min 250
min 240

min 15

EN GJS 400-18

I <30

min 400
min 390
min 370

min 250
min 250
min 240

min 18

EN GJS 500-7

I <30

min 500
min 450
min 420

min 320
min 300
min 290

min 7

EN GJS 600-3

I <30

min 600
min 600
min 550

min 370
min 360
min 340

min 3

EN GJS 700-2

I <30

min 700
min 700
min 650

min 420
min 400
min 380

min 2

 Source: Grey cast acc. EN 1561, Spheroidal graphite iron acc. EN 1563

Induction Furnaces

Eges Induction Furnace 1.000 kWh / 2 x 1.500 kg Capacity
Eges Induction Furnace 2.000 kWh / 1 x 3.000 kg Capacity
2x 5M Induction Systems 2.000 kWh / 2 x 3000 kg Capacity


The majority of cores for complex parts are manufactured by seven cold box core machines (capacities ranging between 2.5 to 60 litres) with automatic sand preparation and on two hot box machines. Cores with bigger volumes are produced with furan resin and CO2 binders.

Coremaking Machines

7 x Cold-Box Core Machines (2.5 to 60 lt.)
2 x Shell Core Machines 6 lt. and 15 lt.
CO2 & Furan Resin Core Making
Automatic Sand Preparation for Core Machines


Automatic Moulding

Ekstrametal produces parts of up to 120 kilograms on automatic green sand moulding lines and utilises furan resin moulding lines for components with varying dimensions weighing up to 2,200 kilograms, which fully meet the required standards and high quality requirements of our customers.

Moulding Lines

HWS HSP 2-D Automatic Moulding –Flask Sizes (700 x 850 x 350/350 mm) 50 Moulds/Hour
Omega-Furan Resin Hand moulding Machine, Flexible Flask Sizes (max. 2200kg)
Omega Semi-Automated Flaskless Fast-Loop Line (1400x1800x500/2) (max. 350kg) 6 10 moulds/Hour
Transtek Semi Automated Fast-Loop Line (1800x2200x800/2) (max. 1000kg) 6 moulds/Hour


Ekstrametal first built it’s own machining facility in 2003, and to meet increasing customer demand has invested through customer demand has continuously invested in high quality machinery increasing it’s capacity to 9,000 tons per annum.


* parts produced upto

CNC Machining Centers

CNC Horizontal Machining Center 2 Pallets 1000x850x900 mm
CNC Horizontal Machining Center 2 Pallets 600x600x700 mm
CNC Horizontal Machining Center 2 Pallets 730x730x800 mm
CNC Horizontal Machining Center 2 Pallets 800x800x800 mm
CNC Horizontal Machining Center 6 Pallets 700x900x780 mm
CNC Horizontal Machining Center 2 Pallets 1000x900x1000 mm
CNC Horizontal Machining Center 2 Pallets 1700x1100x1450 mm
2 x CNC Horizontal Machining Centers 2 Pallets 800x630
2x CNC Horizontal Machining Centers 2 Pallets 1400x1000x1200mm
3 x CNC Horizontal Machining Centers 2 Pallets 630x500
3 x CNC Horizontal Machining Centers 2 Pallets 500x500
CNC Horizontal Machining Center 2 Pallets 1640x1300x1200mm
CNC Horizontal Machining Center 2 Pallets 1000x850x850 mm
CNC Horizontal Machining Center 2 Pallets 1350x1000x1150 mm
CNC Horizontal Machining Center 2 Pallets 1150x800x950 mm
CNC Horizontal Machining Center 2 Pallets 400x450x400 mm
CNC 5 Axes 750X600X520 mm
CNC Vertical Machining Center V Center 2 Pallets 400x720x510 mm

CNC Lathes Machines

3 x CNC Vertical Lathe Machine Ø550 mm
1 x CNC Vertical LatheMachine Ø850 mm
1 x CNC Vertical Lathe Machine Ø1000 mm
2 x CNC Vertical Lathe Machines Ø675 mm
2 x CNC Vertical Lathe Machines Ø740 mm
CNC Horizontal Lathe Machine C-Axis 2 Spindle-2 Futter Ø520×410 mm
CNC 5 Axis Multi-Spindle Ø540×1.020 mm
2 XCNC 5 Axis Multi-Spindle Ø610×1.080 mm
CNC Horizontal Lathe Machine V Turn Ø410×1100 mm
CNC Horizontal Lathe Machine C-Axis Ø800×1500 mm

Measuring Devices

Mitutoyo 3D-CMM Machine 1205 x 2005 x 1005 mm
DEA 3D-CMM Machine 700 x 1000 x 700 mm
Zoller Tool Presetting & Measuring Machine
Profile Projector

Other Machines

Vertical Broaching Machine Ø 250, L 1.650 mm, 20 Tones
Rotary Basket Washing Machine Ø1.350mm, height 800 mm, loading capacity 750 kg


With its experienced team of engineers, modern measurement technology and simulation software, Ekstrametal is able to provide fast and high-quality service in both designing and construction of components.

All types of patterns can be produced in our pattern shop(Wood, Araldite/Epoxy, Aluminium, Steel, Pig Iron).

CAD/CAM Software

Solid and Surface Modelling (Solidworks for CAD & Solidcam and TEBIS for CAM)

Casting Simulation

Nova Flow & Solid

Patternshop's Machinepark:

  • Hartford PRO 2150 A M 730 CNC Vertical MC 750 x 400 x 400 mm
  • Fadal CNC Vertical Machining Center 3-D CMM Machine Coord3 1.000 x 900x900 mm
  • Bohrwerk Union BFT 90/2 690 x 490x500 mm
  • Maho Milling Machine 500 x 1.500 mm
  • TOS Universal Lathe Diam 700 x 350 x 500 mm
  • DECKEL FP3 Universal Milling Machine 700 x 350 x 500 mm
  • Vertical Drilling Machine KNUTH KSB 50 CNC 2.000 × 1.500×750 mm


Through the investment into our 3D S-Max sand printer, from Exone, (the manufacturer of 3D metal and sand printers), Ekstrametal can provide targeted, tailor-made solutions for our customers.

3D printing delivers a multitude of advantages for our clients and is particularly suitable when 
  • the production of complex components is required
  • The parts can’t be manufactured because of geometry reasons
  • The parts require a special material and the investment is prohibitive
  • very fast and cost-efficient development of new parts and prototypes is required


  • 3D printing produces a tangible sand mould based on three-dimensional CAD data
  • Has no limits on mould making 
  • Can handle complex geometries that can’t be produced in classic moulding process
  • Removes time-consuming model creation
  • Enabling freedom in inner contours

Customer Advantages

  • Fast turnaround: Delivery of individual and spare parts within a few weeks using of existing CAD data
  • Provides the clients with fair prices and flexible timing by producing low cost prototypes or complicated components.
  • Has serious cost advantages for the production of prototypes and small runs
  • Makes it possible to produce small parts
  • Completes the service offer